Domestic Policy ::

VOTING is the mechanism by which we legitimize the very existence of our government. It must be functional, transparent, and honest
Automatic Voter Registration
There is no reason why someone who can vote shouldn't be registered to vote.
Expand voter access
Expand national voter access through national vote-by-mail, paid postage, early voting, and a national holiday for voting. Stand against voter suppression and support these and other methods to facilitate and encourage voter participation.
End voting disenfranchisement for prisoners
When a citizen is deprived of their political voice they no longer have value to the political system. Their concerns, safety, fortunes are no longer of value and are more readily taken advantage of.

EDUCATION is an investment in the future of our species
0% interest on government-funded student loans
The government shouldn’t be making money off the backs of students. Retroactively, all student loan interest paid to-date should be applied to the current principal balance and any amount remaining in excess should be credited to the debtor (student) as either a refund or tax credit.
Fully subsidize Community College
Anyone should be able to pursue higher education regardless of their financial status.
Fully subsidize English (ESL) classes
Offer classes at Community Colleges to facilitate the integration of immigrants.

HEALTHCARE is a human right
Fully subsidize healthcare
Adopt an equitable, high-quality, comprehensive, universal, publicly-funded healthcare system including general, preventative, and emergency care, plus vision, dental, hearing, prescription drugs, long-term care, substance abuse, hospice care, and mental health services at the state or federal level.

WORKER RIGHTS. If you work full-time hours, you should be making at minimum a living wage
Repeal Taft-Hartley Act
Repeal the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947 (29 U.S.C. §141-197, the Taft-Hartley Act) which unjustly restricts the powers and activities of labor unions. Strengthen protections for collective bargaining and to protect the rights of workers to freely assemble and organize.
Global Minimum Wage
As capitalism is globalized, the rules that regulate it need also be globalized. Workers' wages should reflect the minimum wage of their employer's incorporated or headquartered nation (whichever is higher).

POLICE serve at the will of the public. Their powers and function as enforcers of the law are dependent on public approval and respect. The use of deadly force should be the last resort, used only when necessary to save human life
End the War on Drugs
We need to decriminalize drug use and push towards legalization. The use of punishment and coercion hasn't and won't end drug use and addition. Our current policies only serve to empower domestic and international gangs who now control the black market and fill our prisons with people who are suffering from healthcare and social crisis.
End the Privatization of Law Enforcement
Prohibit privatized law enforcement, prisons, jails, detention facilities, probation, parole, and the outsourcing of food, phone, and all other criminal justice related services to for-profit corporations.
Prison Reform
Prison should be a place for those who have been temporarily pulled from society to be rehabilitated for their eventual return. If prison isn't going to be punitive torture, prison rape should not be part of that rehabilitation process.
Disarm Police
No uniformed law enforcement officer should be permitted to carry firearms on their person when handling routine duties. Firearms stored in their vehicles for an emergency situation will continue to be permitted. A weapon that can be readily accessible should it be needed but will put it just far enough out of immediate reach to prevent its presence in nearly every police/public interaction.

PARDON power
Obama’s clemency initiative was a move in the right direction and should be reestablished as a final line of justice for those whom the greater system has failed.
Presidential Pardon List:
- Edward Snowden. The people need to know what is being done by their representatives, domestically and around the world. Especially when those actions violate or tread the line of violating our civil liberties.

Foreign Policy ::

DEMOCRACY is the means by which we ensure liberty. If we want to be a pillar of democratic light on this planet we have to act like it. There are no walls anymore and oceans can no longer protect you.
End military assistance to Dictators
Stop all arms sales and end any other military assistance to governments that do not hold democratic elections. If a government does not represent the people they govern, we should not sell them weapons to maintain their control, even if they're willing to give us a good deal on their nation's natural resources.

Environmental Policy ::

If we want clean air and water, we need to think about the amount of pollution we put into both. EARTH is the only home we have, this planet and the fragile environment we are now the stewards of
Renewable Energy
Enact a strict and enforceable timeline for 100% renewable electricity and near-zero fossil fuel use by 2050 at the local, state, and federal levels. We need to balance the extra beyond the amount we all add to the equation by simply being alive and at our numbers.

Space and Beyond ::

Who are we, and who do we want to become?
Further Exploration
It is an existential imperative that we become a multi-planetary species.


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